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The Teacher Becomes the Student

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

I am a mother, a doctoral student, and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics/Computer Science (STEM/CS) instructor. Each role requires different skills, tasks, and experiences. I began each semester with "Getting to Know You" assessments in the form of learning styles and personality tests, so my students could learn about themselves and their peers, as the course requires group work.

As a doctoral student, my courses require that I complete personality, emotional intelligence, and learning style assessments. So, I am sharing some of the resources I am using in my classes with you because sometimes the teacher has to become the student for optimal personal and professional growth.

  • Philosophy of Adult Education examines the difference between who you are as an adult learner and who you were as a child or college student. This assessment also indicates your personal beliefs and values regarding adult education. Simply put, it identifies you as a learner and teacher and, provides practical learning and studying methods.

  • Character Strengths unlocks your personality's secrets by identifying your strengths and provides steps to improve your mental well-being, attain goals, foster relationships, manage stress, or reach goals based on your unique character strengths.

  • Emotional Intelligence predicts how to handle your emotions while helping others control their emotions in various situations, a state of being calm, relaxed, and collective. Additionally, emotional intelligence measures your personal and social awareness; however, you will need the book Emotional Intelligence 2.0 to access this assessment.

My suggestion is to become the student, take the assessments, discover yourself, implement the strategies, and document your progress.



Hi, I'm Phyllicia Moore

I am a third-generation public school educator, and I am passionate about career & technical education and inspiring young adults to follow their dreams!  Above all, I am a mom and doctoral student; yes, my hands are full.  So, how do I have time to create a blog?   

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