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Nike Run Club Challenge

Updated: May 11, 2021

In November, to boost engagement, morale, and overall physical and mental wellness, the parents, teachers, and students at my school participated in a Winter Fitness Challenge. Now, we’re completing a Spring Fitness Challenge for April, with plans to conduct a Summer Fitness Challenge for May. The fitness challenge is a 30 by 30 challenge, where we run or walk 30 miles within 30 days using the Nike Run Club app.

In November, I completed 9.60 miles and came in 20th place. Today, I have completed 2.50 out of 30 miles and am sitting in 16th place. Naturally, I am competitive and realistic. Unfortunately, I have a long way to catch up to 30 miles in a short amount of time. So, now my goal is to complete 10 miles by the end of April. In May, my goal will be to complete 15 miles within 30 days.

I enjoy the competitiveness and camaraderie the challenge has created among the teachers and students. That being said, May is National Physical Fitness month, and I am completing a Nike Run Challenge for my readers and members to join. While trying to boost my energy, metabolism, and overall physical and mental wellness, I encourage you to do the same. Each summer month, May through July, we will complete a 30 by 30 walk or run in 30 days—going at your own pace.

After each week, if you’re a blog member, we can discuss how we feel each week or where we are mentally and physically. I may throw in a few exercises in June and July—we’ll see!

Here is how to join the Summer Nike Run Challenge:

Step 1: Download the “Nike Run Club (NRC)” app on your phone.

Step 2: Create a free account by selecting ‘Join Now’ or if you already have an account login.

Step 3: Click the RSVP link to the event on the homepage. Wait 24 hours to receive an invite in your NRC inbox

Step 4: Accept the invite to join the “Smart, Sassy & Summertime Fitness Challenge.”

Step 5: Begin the challenge!

To join the conversation, sign-up to become a member. There may be a prize in-store for some of the winners.


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